Glimpses of sunshine

Updated: Aug 1

I looked out my kitchen window, towards the pond, "E" was strolling around the pond, the sun was shinning on her face, still rising and casting gold on everything it touched. My phone told me it was supposed to be a rainy, miserable day, however the sun was begging to differ. I was rushing around the kitchen, getting breakfast together, but as I saw her walking, I thought, I have to get out there to join her. So I turned the stove off and left the kitchen. As I stepped out onto the back porch, "E" looked up and saw me, I said I'd love to join you, and her face just lit up with joy. We strolled around the pond, making laps, as though circling a track. We talked (she talked, she is very talkative, I assume it to be like me when I was her age, at least thats what I am told). We made it around the pond 5 times, (1 mile) and we decided we were hungry and it was time for breakfast. Strolling towards the house, the rain started to fall.

We laughed at our timing, and as it rained the rest of the day, I kept saying I was so glad I went out and walked when it was sunny. This whole story reminds me of life. How its not always sunny, how sometimes just before the rain comes, when the sun is shining, we are unaware of the clouds that are going to start building, and the storm that is on the horizon. I know I find myself rushing around while the sun is out, doing busy work, making myself think I am busy, when in all reality, I should be enjoying the sun, because the rain will come.

I am so thankful I went for that walk with "E", not because it was good for my heart, or because I needed a walk, but because I saw a moment to spend a brief amount of time with my girl, and I took it. As I think about that moment. As I think about the grander of the tiny moment of time, I remind myself, I want to do that more often. Not just once in a blue moon, but everyday, take time to see a moment and seize it.

If I could sum up one lesson I am learning in this quarantine, and trust me, I've learned a few. It would be to enjoy this time while we have it. Take the time, make the time, to enjoy the moments we are gifted, whatever moments they are. A simple 15 minutes here and there can make a huge difference. I have heard it said, "no one ever said, I wish I had spent less time with my kids". That thought right there strikes my heart, it cuts deep, and is a great reminder of where my priorities should lay.

Thank you Lord for the sunny moments in life, even the brief ones, and for the lessons you continue to teach us day by day.



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