Succulent Love.

Updated: Feb 21

I love plants. Like really love them. I love the character they add to a room, the textures, colors, and breath of fresh air (literally) they add to any space you put them. When I am at a nursery I have the urge to buy every plant I see, and I always envision how beautiful it will look in a certain space, or on my porch, I see it growing and flourishing in my mind, and I think to myself, this time, this time I will not kill it.

I love the colors of this plant, and how it just spills over the container.

Fun fact: I usually kill every plant I own, if its not in the ground, its not safe from me. But I never give up. For 12 years I have been buying and killing plants, every time thinking "this time it'll live.", but alas the plant would be dead with in a month or two, much to my husbands dismay, because he wishes I would just admit there is no hope and give up, and he does have a point, it really is like throwing money away, but I cannot help it, I'm an optimist, and for the most part, I am a blind optimist, meaning I usually don't see the facts, or I don't required the facts, I see what can be, and I always believe in my mind what can be will be, we just have to keep trying. This mindset can be really helpful, but sometimes it can be really frustrating for my logically, factual husband. He is really good at seeing the facts. Fact: Ashly kills plants, therefore she should not buy them. I guess that makes sense, but I keep thinking, "this time I won't" "this will be the plant that lives".

This Air Plant is fake, so thats why it lives :-)

Well... my perseverance has started to pay off. 2019 was the year I finally kept my house plants alive, not all of them mind you, I lost my coffee bean plant, that I loved, and my fern is looking a little rough, and the lemon cypresses are still on a day by day basis. 😬 So I guess you could say its mostly only succulents and the cacti that have been thriving at my home, even the aloe plant I thought I still far 😬

The aloe lives..actually all three of these babies do, and I think they might be two years old by now! Longest lasting plants in my house, they should get and award.

My Orchid. Admit it, you feel like you're in the tropics!

My mom gave me this georgeous orchid for Christmas this year. Dare I say it is thriving right here on my island. Every few days I put two ice cubes on its ground, and I hold my breath and think. "you are so beautiful, please live." Its been almost a month now, Its still thriving, we shall said its really hard to kill an orchid, I hope she's right 😂

Its so funny, I never had the chance to really appreciate the excitement of watching how plants grow and drape, I always killed them to soon 😂

String of Pearl. Mesmerizing...

These string of pearl succulents have been really great to me. I know when to water them when the pearls start to shrivel like a pea, I then soak them really good, and they are perfect for a week or two or three...I read that succulents like to dry out and then be soaked with water, and that has been working for me. The string of pearl have also proven easy to propagate. I pluck one string of the pearls, take a few pearls off then end, and insert the stem into the ground. I can't propagate anything to save my life, so I'm pretty pumped I have mastered this. 🙌

Bottom line: If you are a plant killer like me, don't give up, its worth persevering, there is still hope, it only took me 11 years 😂 and also, try succulents 😉.

This is not filtered, the color and shade of this succulent has me in awe.

These are faux Donkey tail string of pearls. Perfect to place somewhere and forget about them.



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