My Mojito, a perfect summer refreshment

Mint, Rum, Lime juice, Soda water, all served over a tall glass of ice, can it get any better or more refreshing? I think not. I did some research and it turns out, the mojito is a Cuban cocktail, and all those ingredients are indigenous to Cuba. I would say the Cuban's did not get it wrong when coming up with this drink, its one of my summertime favorites!

However, because I am always playing around with recipes, I came up with a little twist to the mojito, not saying its better, just saying its different, and maybe worth a tray just for fun?

For my mojito we need 3 ingredients and a low ball glass (or two because one should never drink alone) filled with ice.

First muddle your mint. You can use a muddler, or just the back of a spoon, pretty much all you have to do is break up the mint leaves to release the oils (or the flavor), then put the muddled mint into your glass of ice.

Then pour 1-1/2 ounces of dark rum into each glass...

add a splash of simple syrup (recipe here) and you have an extremely simple and delicious cocktail.

'salud, por que la belleza sobra'

which translates as

"to your health, since you're already so beautiful."



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