Solomon + Co...1st event

I wanted to have a home decor store in the worst way. I love design, and I loved getting our own home ready for Christmas, that I always wondered, wouldn't it be the coolest thing to have your own store to decorate and display things, and curate your own collection of home decor to put your name on.

We that thought in mind, came this instant idea, that I thought might be so bad that Dan (my husband) would shoot down right away...

The trend seems to be "pop-up" shops. Where people open

their home or have a host offer their home, to set up a shop

and sell their things for one day or two.

...So I mentioned it to Dan. I said what if we had our own "pop-up" shop!? It was not an instant..."YES!" However I was shocked it didn't get "shot down" and eventually it became this "oh my word are we really going to do this?!"

So here we are, having a "pop-up shop" in December and putting some major effort into getting the word out there and gathering stuff to fill the "shop". Check out our events page on the website to find out all the details.

Here are a few pictures that I have already shared on social media, so you can see some of the things I have been selecting and some of the things Dan has been making.

Keep checking back to hear more about this upcoming event, and future happenings here at Solomon + Co.



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