Our Values

Hard work, gratitude, integrity, responsibility,quality...

We put the values of yesteryears into our business because these are values that should continue to be handed down and talked about.


We hope you can see and feel these "good old" values in our actions and our words, and we hope we can encourage a new generation to live for God, work hard and love everybody. 

Dan's Story

Dan - aka the Maker. The craftsman working hard, behind the scenes

Growing up working for the family custom cabinetry business, hard work and respect for quality were instilled in Dan from the beginning.


Today, Dan still works in the family cabinetry business, but he also enjoys remodeling houses, working on furniture creations and admiring old architecture, because as Dan says,


       "they just don't build them like they used to."


However that is something he is trying to change. Quality home furnishings,  quality heirloom pieces that are made to last when handled with care, that is what Dan strives for. Quality. and Uniqueness.

Ashly's Story

Ashly - aka the Dreamer. And the voice behind Solomon + Co

Some real brief history, I have always been into design. I knew I wanted to be in design when I was in high school, but for some reason I still took an odd detour before finally enrolling in Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts and obtaining an associates degree in art sciences. It was however the school of life that taught me the most. I feel I have come a long way in the past decade, I have learned a lot about good design. I am continuing to learn, grow and explore, you never stop learning right?

Sol + Co is my newest baby. My 4th child if you will.  It keeps me up at night, it makes my heart beat fast. It thrills me and scares me at the same time. It is also a blessing from the Lord and I am trusting Him to lead Dan and I thru this, and most importantly, to allow the Lord to be in control.  


Right now my dreams are huge. This is my stepping stone, the opening to a world of possibilities. I can't wait to continue to share them with you. Thank you for joining me on this journey.  



Our Story

It was a short story...but I'm long winded

Long story short, Dan and I grew up in the same church. We were in youth group together. However we did not start dating until way after high school. Truth is, I always had a crush on Dan, but alas, he did not reciprocate the feelings. 😂 Once he realized what he was missing 😉 he asked me out to a Kenny Chesney concert, it was some concert because 12 years, three kids, two dogs later here we are.


Living in the home Dan grew up in. The home that has been in the family for generations. An old log farm house with the issues you would expect from a 300 year old house. We have been tackling rooms one at a time, making changes after changes to make this home, ours. 


Somewhere in the midst of all this remodeling, and homemaking and living we came face to face with purpose. We enjoy making our home feel welcoming, for us and the kids, but also for our guests, our family and our friends. Home is a place to feel good, to relax, to enjoy, to be replenished. We want to share the joy of living in a space that is inviting and can accomplish all that.


For now we will accomplish that dream by sharing our journey and hopefully inspiring others. And by providing you our customers with good quality furniture pieces, that are hand made. From the smallest serving board to the largest table that can seat 20 people. As we hopefully extend our product line into other avenues, the goal will be the same, to offer quality and beauty for the home. We still have even bigger dreams than this though, but for now we are living one day at a time as the Lord wills, he will guid us through it all. Thank you for honoring us with your precious time. Now go and live with purpose!  

Solomon's Story

Where did the name Solomon + Co come from?

To share the meaning behind our name, I have to allow myself to become very open and vulnerable. You see, I have always loved design. As I became older, I loved it even more. However it always felt too "worldly" to me. Like it was something a good christian girl should not do for a living because it's just about material possessions. But still, I always wondered, why does it always feel like this design world is what I was crated for? Especially if it's "wrong"? And doesn't the Bible tell us that all good things come from God above? So many questions. Well these questions brought me deep into the Word of God. It was in these season, that I was lead to the story of King Solomon. It was my husband told me he always wanted a life verse that had his birthdate in it. So I found my self, reading 1Kings chapter 6 verse 14 (Dan's birthday is 6/14). Its an extremely short verse, but it was all I needed to hear. 

"so Solomon built the temple and completed it." 1 Kings 6:14

I know it doesn't sound like a lot , but that was my word from God, our word from God. Building, pretty things, nice things, they don't have to be superficial, and they don't have to be materialistic. I'm going to just jump to the summery here because once again I"m rambling. King Solomon was a man of wisdom, he a man of means who lived in the most amazing palace on earth, but most importantly was a man of God, and it's where our heart is that truly matters, and what our heart worships. We were all made for specific purposes, and I believe helping people make their homes an inviting space to live in and to share with guest, that's our purpose. 

Life's a journey...

...follow ours


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