Because your home should be THE place, you WANT to be...

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One a warm sunny day, home is a fresh, clean sheets kinda smell, cool breeze kinda feel. Its bright and airy, and makes all feel right with the world. 

On a cold winter day, home is that cozy warm, in your sweatpants, fire burning, hot cup of coffee, soft flicker of lit candles type feeling.

Either way, home isn't just a place, its a feeling. And you want it to feel that way, not just for you, but for your guests too. You want people to walk in and say "your house just feels so cozy". Or "your house feels so welcoming". 

We want you to have that feeling. That cozy feeling. 

With the inspiration, advice, ideas and products (soon to come) we want to equip you to decorate your home to be the place that feels relaxing, calming, inviting. A place that maybe, just maybe, yours guests will never want to leave 😉

Crafted for More

Heirloom, is that a lost word? Do people say heirloom anymore? Heirloom's are perhaps antiques, but not just any antiques, they are passed down from generations. Have you ever owned something that was built so well that is could last longer than just one lifetime? 

We would like to change that. 

Get cozy and stay awhile...

The ache for home lives in all of us. ~Maya Angelou

We believe the ache for home does live in all of us. Everyone should have a home, a place of safety, a place for your family, a place to lie your head down at night. One way we like to make that happen is through a wonderful program called Homes of Hope. We have been blessed with the opportunity for a few years now, to join the PA Mercy Works team and YWAM St. Marc in providing a safe secure home for a few families in a few villages in Haiti. Haiti is a beautiful country and this mission that so many people are a part of, is something near to our heart as well. Thats why I'd love to share pictures of our adventures with you. Click below to learn more and see pictures. 

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